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Mini but Crazy

Five long years ago now, the Gods of minigolf blogging or the Peaceful Gods as they like to be known set off on their Crazy World of Minigolf Tour as detailed in the fantastic blog ‘The Ham and Egger Files’. To mark this brilliant achievement and in recognition of what they have done to help publicise the game of minigolf and other interesting activities. They are to be awarded with the Clockwork Orange stamp of achievement, said by many to be as respected as an honorary degree from the Welsh College of Horticulture in Equestrian psychology. Personally I would place it alongside a E in GCSE Theater Studies in the Pantheon of excellence.

Are you taking the Pith?

I am also honouring this marvellous achievement, by somewhat following in their footsteps. Shortly I will be embarking on my ‘Mini World of Crazy Golf Tour’. In this tour I plan to visit five courses (one to mark each year) and review them, if possible in a mildly humorous fashion. These reviews will of course be posted to this blog.

If Carlsberg did minigolf blogs…

About clockwork4orange

Seventeen but feel older. Fairly bright, though it may just be my hair. Can get grumpy easily though it usually means I am hungry or/and tired.

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