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Perfect Paranoia

Recently I set up a fun fan website for my great friend and minigolf rival Alex Pragnell or Perfect Par as he would like to be known.

Praggers was not overly impressed with my handiwork believing the website to be mocking and ‘making a laugh of me’.

As a result of this, he requested that I give him leave to edit it for accuracy. Which he did, though not to too much clamour, long time Praggers fan Marc ‘Model of a Modern Major Minigolfer’ Chapman had this to say, ‘ The tabs are in different Caps and the punctuation isn’t as good either….’. Marc is a long time member of the Team Ellipsis fan club (look up the facebook group they’re fun :)),.

In response to this clear demand for the original site to be available for all again, I made it so, the task did not phaser me. It was hardly a trek to the stars.

PP greeting one of his many fans!

The sites have been up for a reasonable amount of time now and yet nobody has joined. Now the question I have to ask myself is this, has nobody joined the site that I made because it is shite or because the appetite for more Perfect Par is waning? As a self confessed Par Maniac and follower of Praggeritism there can only be one answer to the question.

Now, knowing that my handiwork must be awful, so so so bad that it is turning people off Perfect Par just one last question remains. Do I have Perfect PARanoia or Super PARanoia?

Links to the aforementioned sites: (please join) edit: Actually don’t, Perfect is far from Parfait!

A link to my original site would be included here, but I have found out Praggers has got rid of it :(.

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Seventeen but feel older. Fairly bright, though it may just be my hair. Can get grumpy easily though it usually means I am hungry or/and tired.

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