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I Kent believe it!

With the Green no more and my appetite for minigolf waning as a consequence. Some truly shoddy play in the last couple of minigolf tournaments had seen me lose to Praggers and be beaten thrice in a row by Freddy ‘The Shark’ Blackburn-Shaw, a player I like to think myself as the equal of.

So I came to the Kent Open, played at the same venue as the British Open (scene of my mini breakdown see Britass Open blog for details) with not so much apprehension but indifference.

On the Saturday the KMGC were holding their (KIT) Kent invitational tournament which I decided to play in with the KMGC ball, which was the only ball we were allowed to use in the main tournament. Most of the Kent lot stuck to using minigolf balls however, presumably in search of precious ranking points.

My first round went predictably well, a grand total of zero aces, four lovely threes and a four leaving me with a forty two to be proud of. (My ball getting stuck on hole 13 a personal highlight).

Not that I had played quite bad enough for that score to be merited. A point I made to TK Max when he enquired after my round, with me telling him honestly that I had played alright but had been quite unlucky. To which he replied ”I’ve never heard that one from you before Seth”, cue general mirth. Which slightly grated, as when I play sh** as I do half the time, I am generally pretty blunt about my performance.

A much better though irrelevant 34, two aces no dropped shots left me as the third placed guest behind a solid David Donnelly.

With that over and my practice for the day done, I headed home, a brief stop at the chip shop (hey that rhymes) the only diversion. The evening was then whiled away watching two episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and reading Just William (Ruddy heck I’ve regressed hugely, makes a pleasant change from school though!).

I cannot really remember what happened the next day, needless to say it must have been enjoyable seeing as I won.

Enough for a football match.

Knowing I had found it nigh impossible to get aces with the golf ball the previous day in the KIT and in practice, I settled on making sure of the twos, with only two blemishes on my score card and only one courtesy of bad play from me (played a poor tee shot on hole 8 and my second putt pulled up a cm short). My aim was achieved and surprisingly it was good enough for victory by one shot despite six players out acing me.

The day before on being asked who would win I had said to Will Donnelly ”I am definitely going to win” just to wind him up and I stuck with that line despite him saying ”no who do you actually think will win?”. It was a nice surprise to have him apologise to me after the tournament about it which I found quite funny.

Also going into the third and final round leading a BMGA tournament for the first time ever I was naturally quite nervous, not helped by some silly sledging. My personal favourite of which was AK47 saying to me of ambulance sirens going past. ”oh they’re coming to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre”.

I definitely learnt a lot from this tournament not least that when I am putting well, I do well unsurprisingly. The quality of my tee shots do not usually change much from day to day but my putting certainly does and how important it is to maintain a high standard of putting was definitely crystallised for me. The only player on the BMGA tour who has as big a variability on the quality of their putting is possibly Nick Sandqvist but even then I am not sure it goes from as large extremes as mine. Once I sort out this problem, I definitely think I could win one or two more tournaments. It is probably linked with the mental side of the game as well, so hopefully I can kill two birds with one stone and have a greater rate of success transferring practice form into tournament success especially now I have a tournament win.

A good place to start this would be Dorridge, where I will do everything possible to ensure success for the Green club championship team bar knobbling other players.


Take a look at Michael Smith’s excellent report for more details:

Commiserations to The Rocket who probably should have won this tournament. Having looked into my crystal minigolf ball,

The old men of minigolf.

Star City will be where you break your tournament duck outside of The Green!


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  1. Goodness this post is filled with bad writing and punctuation. Will make sure to edit it, when I have the time and can be bothered.(in regards to punctuation any way)

  2. “…bothered.(in…”!?

    Great blogging 🙂


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